November 2010

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November has been a lot of fun. My friends and I celebrated the day of the dead. We had dinner at a friend’s house.
Now classes are over and I have to study a lot because final exams are coming!
I did a mini hot air balloon for a project of “Introduction to Engineering”.
José Eduardo Olayo Delgado

In November it was my birthday and I went to Toluca for the intercampus. I liked my birthday because I was with my girlfriend and she gave me a wallet for a present. We went to eat breakfast with my mom. On my birthday the team and I went to Tec Toluca to play soccer.
Fernan Zenteno

In this Semester with all the things we passed trough , I guess this is the part of the growing up thing, The friendships I get all this month certainly the skills rose in some subjects and fears are reduce the way things turn now is different I have to speak using the right words at the right moment.
Juan de Dios Aguilar

December is my favorite month, but November was great. It began with Death Day, but Tec had third partial exams and I got good grades. November 13th began a week’s trip to New York City. I enjoyed visiting ONU, Columbia University, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, and Guggenheim Museum. I want to return because it’s amazing. Now I have to study for finals to get excellent grades 🙂
Alejandra Graham

In this month for the last exam, I’ve been concerned about school, and studied all materials completely. I’m sad, yet happy. Some friends changed schools because in this school all materials are not complete. I’ll miss my friends, moments of laughter, concerns about tasks, and days of anger, but thank life for having them. I’m excited Christmas is coming and next year another semester.
Vera Mendoza

In November I studied so hard to prepare for my final exams because I want to have good grades, and I am doing that now. In spite of that, I had fun too because I went to parties of my friends, like Pablito’s, and Rodo’s parties; two of my best friends that will be forever.
Rodrigo Bustamante Luna

In this month I fell in love with a woman I just met. I am always thinking about her, and we speak all the time by phone. Another interesting thing that happened to me was that I finished my classes on November 24.
I am studying for my final exams because I want good grades.
Limbano Miguel Moreno Martínez

November 2010

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It`s the end of my fifth semester. I hope I do well on my final exams, I enjoyed my English course this semester; I met Mr. Michael Brown, and I totally loved him very much. This month it’s very fun-filled because class ended, and I love vacations. I will never forget this fun, lovely semester.
Carolina Velasco Kanter

This month was very interesting, because we had a lot of activities in school and outside of it. In the first days of November, I went with all my friends to ask for candies ¡trick or treat! We also had free days, so I went to the beach. Vidiomas was also in this month.
Ana Torres Palacios

In this month was the “Dia de Muertos.” That is 1st November. With all my friends and best friends we went to a house to watch movies. Also, we asked for candies. Another important day in this month was VIDIOMAS. This event is where all English videos are shown. My video was first place winner.
Yantzil G’C

Only one month left until Christmas and everyone’s excited. Since the middle of November my mother has been buying Christmas stuff for my house, and I have helped her, so the house looks pretty. Every house in the neighborhood is already decorated with Christmas lights, and we need to hurry because Santa Claus is coming!
Sofía Cancino

This month was one of the hardest in my life in Tec de Monterrey. I had a lot of projects and a lot of homework to do. I also did a lot of Vidiomas work, doing presentations, videos, images and logistic work. On November 2nd I went out with my girlfriend to a beautiful restaurant.
Abraham Ramos Palomeque

During this month we celebrated many birthdays of my family members. As you may notice, we usually celebrate a birthday in every month. So during this month my family tried to make my brother’s birthday something special. We had a barbecue at my grandma’s house. I had so much fun with my family in November.
Martha E. Niño Cabal

This month was a very enjoyable one. A friend of mine, named Cinthya invited me to her ranch. We had a very good time doing lots of funny and adventurous things, such as swimming, riding horses and enjoying the beautiful weather. Yesterday I got the chance to go to San Juan with all my friends.
Silke Hoppenstedt Pedrero

November is coming to its end, and so is the school semester. This time I feel I didn’t learn a thing. Finals freak me out and everyday they’re closer. Well, this month was terrific! I went to San Cristóbal and really had a great time. I am anxious for Christmas, the best holiday of all.
Raul Farf

November 2010

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This November was so difficult because we finished classes and because the finals start. A lot of people including me take the book and try to study all the semester one subject in one night or with a week left. I studied calculus so hard, because it’s the most difficult subject in the 5th semester.
Carlos Alberto Prado Trujillo

I had a great time in November. I visited a city called Tapachula and I really liked it. On November 17th I went to Harry Potter’s premiere at ten thirty p.m.! I danced in “Orcas” with my friends because of the inauguration of the school. The most important thing is: I enjoyed everything with friends. 🙂
Daniela Ramirez

This was a really good month. We had a long weekend from school and I went to San Cristóbal. In San Cristóbal there was a festival from November 14th to 21st. It was a festival of art, music, and culture. On November 13th was the birthday of a friend, and I went to his house.
Julia Velázquez Miranda

Today we are going to dress as mimes. I’m excited; I will use a tie, white make-up, black clothes, and of course my converse. We’ll take a lot of pictures and we like it very much. Everyone in my class is dressed like that. Now I know what a real mime is.
The end
Mariana Molinar Zenteno

The month of November this year was really rushed because a lot of events happened during these thirty days. One of these events was the third partial exams. I have to study hard because my grades were not so great in the last partial. Another event was Vidio+. Today is my Daddy’s Birthday; I’m excited!
Emily Sangeado Rosales

November was nice because I did a lot of different things. First was Sonny’s birthday. She had a big party and it was great, really. Then, in school there was another called the Celebration of the Dead Ones, and it was great too because there was a lot of food. So I LOVED NOVEMBER 2010.
Isabel Avendaño Ibáñez

November was a pretty special month for me because of lots of things. In first place this is the last month of school. It’s something great, but at the same time it’s a little bit sad, because many of our classmates are going to study one semester in another country. 😦
Paola Mayor

I wait all year for this month, because it’s my birthday on November 7th. This year my birthday was on Sunday, so the day before I had a party in my house. It was one of the best days of my life. We enjoyed playing games, eating tacos, talking and laughing. It was a magic night that I will never forget and also I received a lot of presents.
I love November!
Gabriela Zentella

This month I did a lot of things with my family, friends, and my boyfriend Carlos. The most amazing thing that Carlos and I did together, was going to the premier of Harry Potter 7. It was so cool because it was the first premier I ever went to, unfortunately it ended at 1:30 a.m.
Monserrat Buentello Malpica

This month was exciting because I went to Harry Potter’s premiere with my friends and to San Juan Cancuc. I am sad, too, because Isabel is traveling to Nice. Anyway, I enjoyed this month. I can’t say we are already on vacation because the worst is coming! I will miss my friends; I’ll need them.
Amaranta Miranda Bellato

This was a very important month, because it was my birthday. I had lot of fun with all my family and friends. We hung out together, and ate cake. Actually I had a great time with everyone. 🙂
Sonny Michelle

This month was amazing, I really enjoyed the times with my friends. First, we went to the Harry Potter premier after Vidiomas; we organized it at the moment. It was great! Also we went costumed to the school and we took pictures, but unfortunately I had an accident. It’s ok, though. I loved this month.
Brenda Martinez